Promotions & Marketing:-

We at Golden Thredz creates a good hype to ensure the best and maximum output, benefits by using different ways to approach the elite class of consumers. We do have different promotional plans for our exhibitions.

1. Inauguration of the Exhibition by a well known Celebrity.
2. Premium exhibiting space at a 5-star property.
3. Print Advertisement in all the leading & relevant newspapers.
4. Newspaper editorial promotions in the leading dailies.
5. Hoardings, Banners at prime locations.
6. Standees, Posters, pole advertisements at different posh locations
of the town.
7. Special Invitation passes to the elite class gentry as well as to the members of the best of the socialise clubs in the town.
8. TV channel coverage pre-post and during the event.
9. Digital Marketing via emails invitations, emails to the select database, promotion through Bulk SMS, Insertions in the newspapers in the posh area of the town.
10. Digital Marketing via Online promotions through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube etc.
11. FM Radio advertising before the event.

Sponsors And Promotions:-

Golden Thredz platforms offer high value sale, revenue generation and brand awareness amongst the most niche clientele. With huge media plan is one of the best launch pad and provides a unique opportunity for any company/startups and business to increase their brand salience. We also make sure that the sponsors will get the best visibility through the media and promotions, including the press conferences. We ensure and try our best to register every visitor for future events and references. The visitors can be easily targeted and approach by the sponsor for their product demo or promotion directly to them. The platform shall benefit you with instant brand awareness among niche and prime clientele. The sponsor’s name shall be promoted at the venue and shall be provided with a special badge for identification.